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108P19SH2.1mm flying power lead
45SH4PRO/8LITE Remoteview Setup4PRO Remoteview Setup
Activity detectionAlarmingAnalog
Angle of viewAnti-pixelation technologyAperture
Are the DVR's audio channels one or two way?Are your cameras Sony brand?Are your cameras the type I can zoom and move remotely?
Aspect ratioAspherical lensAttenuation
Auto-iris lensAuto-terminatingAuto white balance
Automatic frequency controlAutomatic gain controlAutomatic level control
BNCBNC to RCA cableBack focus
Back light compensationBalanced signalBandwidth
Base-band videoBlack levelBlanking
BloomingBlueFin DVRBoard lens
Box cameraBridge modeBridging
CMSCRTCS mount lens
CablingCamera Troubleshooting Flowchart
Camera comparisonCameras (list)
Can I cut the camera cable?Can I extend my camera cable?Can I use my UPS shipping account to receive orders?
Can I watch my cameras in real time over the internet?Can I watch recorded video remotely?Can the cameras be remotely adjusted or rotated?
Can the remote view software be used by more than one person at a time?Can you mask certain areas of the camera from motion recording?Can you offer some kind of discount?
Can your cameras zoom in?Cat5 CablingChrominance
Coaxial CableComposite videoContact us
ContrastCrosstalkD-Link forwarding (generic)
DC type lensDNSDSL
Dealer and reseller accountsDecibelDepth of field
DigitalDigital recording
Digital zoomDistribution amplifierDo I have to pay sales tax?
Do I need a VGA card?Do I need to buy anything else when I purchase a camera package?Do the cameras have motion sensors on them?
Do you have a 30 day money back guarantee?Do you have a battery backup?Do your DVRs record in real time?
Does the DVR have motion activated recording?Dual Codec Internet Relative Software
Dual codecDuplexDuplex mode
Dwell timeDynamic IP addressEIA
Electronic iris shutterEqualizationExternal sync
Facial captureFalco Pro Series DVRFalco Pro Series DVR - 2nd Generation
Fiber opticFieldField of view
Flange backFocal lengthFocus
Foot candleFor how long can the DVR record?Format
GigabyteGray scale
GroundGround loopH.264
HDD FailHard Drive TroubleshootingHard drive
HardwiredHeater and blowerHigh speed internet connection
Horizontal resolutionHow Do I Record With My Falco Pro Series DVR?How can I add additional storage capacity to my DVR?
How can I increase recording time?How difficult is it to install a camera package?How do I backup files on my Falco Pro Series DVR?
How do I backup the recorded video?How do I configure my Falco Pro Series DVR to record in motion ONLY?How do I configure the DVR for two hard drives?
How do I connect the cable or camera to the power box?How do I install a second hard drive?
How do I reset the password on my JPEG2000 DVR?How do I set or change the password on my JPEG2000 DVR?
How do I set the time and date for my JPEG2000 DVR?
How do I set up the Sequence/SEQ option on my Falco Pro Series DVR?How do I setup remoteview on my DVR?How do I start recording on my Falco Pro Series DVR?
How far can the cameras see at night?How is recording speed expressed?How long can you record on motion activated settings?
How long is the cable that comes with the package?How much does it cost to install a camera system?How much does the RG59 siamese cable cost?
HzIP CamerasIP address
I Cannot Access My Falco Pro Series DVR Through Internet ExplorerI Get A "Login Fail" on Remote Connection For My Falco 4PRO/8LITE DVR.Image burn
Image deviceImpedanceInfrared
Infrared illuminationInsertion lossIntensifier
InterlaceInternal syncIris
JPEGJPEG2000 Backup DirectionsJPEG2000 DVD Backup
JPEG2000 DVRJPEG2000 USB BackupJPEG2000 compression
LensLens comparisonLevel control
License plate readingLine amplifierLine lock
Linksys forwarding (generic)Local networkLooping
LuminanceLuxLuxor:Editing guide
Luxor:Improvement projectLuxor:PolicyLuxor:Sandbox
Luxor:Style and formattingLuxor:Troubleshooting template
Luxor Flagship JPEG2000 DVRs
MPEG4 DVRMPEG4 DVR CD BackupMPEG4 menu tree
Main PageMain Page/Archive1Main Page/editcopy
Manual iris lensMatrix switcherMechanical focus
MegabyteMicrowaveMinimum object distance
Motion detectionMultiplexerMy DVR's record light is not on/JPEG2000
My DVR's record light is not on/MPEG4My DVR has no powerMy DVR is not detecting the hard drive/JPEG2000
My DVR is not detecting the hard drive/MPEG4My DVR says "HDD full"My Falco Pro Series DVR is displaying a black and white image.
My Falco Pro Series DVR is displaying an HDD * Fail error message.My JPEG2000 DVR does not record.My MPEG4 DVR is displaying vertical lines.
My camera's video signal looks corrupt or degradedMy camera's video signal looks corrupt or degraded/level2supportMy camera is not receiving a video signal
My camera is not receiving powerMy remote control for my MPEG4 DVR is not workingMy screen says LOCK and I can't press DVR buttons
NTSCNetgear forwarding (generic)Netopia 3000 Series Router/Modem (Bellsouth)
NetworkingNeutral densityNoise
Operating systemOptical zoomPAL
PackagePanPan Tilt Zoom
PeripheralPhotocellPinhole lens
PixelPort Forwarding Information
Power supplyPresetPricing
QuadQuickstart Guide - Falco Pro Series DVRQuickstart Guide - Falco Pro Series DVR - 2nd Generation
Random interlaceRange finderRaster
Reflected lightRemoteviewRemoteview Setup - Falco Pro Series DVR
Remoteview Setup - Falco Pro Series DVR - 2nd Generation
Remoteview setup - Falco Pro Series DVRRemoteview setup - JPEG2000Remoteview setup - MPEG4
ResolutionReturn policy (dealers and resellers)
Return policy (retail)RollRouter
SensitivitySensorSequential switchers
ShippingSiamese cableSignal-to-Noise Ratio
Signal to noise ratioSoftware and downloadsSpot filter
Static IP addressSuper HAD CCDSurge Protector
SwitcherSyncTCP/IP Option Board Error
TVLTearingTech Support
TerminatedThe DVR is powered on but the video output is scrolling and black and whiteTilt
Time-lapse VCRTime zoneTimebase corrector
TriplexTriplex modeTwisted pair
Uninterrupted power supplyUnterminatedVCR
VGA cardVari-focalVersion History (JPEG DVR)
Vertical interval switchingVextVideo motion detection
Video printerVideo type lensVisible light
WarrantyWaveletWestell 327W Router/Modem (Verizon)
What DVD burner can be used with the DVR system?What are lux and foot-candle ratings?What are the requirements for remote viewing over the internet?
What brand are the DVRs and cameras?What cable do I need to run over 300ft on a camera?What is Triplex mode?
What is a pig tail or 2.1mm flying power lead?
What is the Protection Key for the Falco Pro Series DVR?What is the difference between Triplex mode and Duplex mode?What is the difference between a PC based DVR and standalone DVR?
What is the price for an additional hard drive?What is the price for an extra cable?What is the range and field of view of your lenses?
What is the range of the microphone?What payment methods do you accept?What the difference between 1/3 and 1/4 CCD cameras?
What type of lenses are available?What type of monitor can be used with your systems?What type or brand of hard drive does the DVR work with?
White lightWhy did my DVR stop recording?Why is shipping so expensive?
Why is your DVR better than other DVRs on the market?Will the hard drive record over itself?
Y/CZoomZoom lens
Zoom ratio
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