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Remoteview setup instructions for the Falco Pro Series DVR is the most requested technical support article on the Luxor Wiki and the most frequently assisted issue over the telephone. Although the Luxor Direct technical support personnel typically dedicate a great deal of time to assist customers through this process, it is highly recommended that the customer have at least some technical knowledge and preparedness.

Before You Start

In order to setup remoteview access, we must first make some adjustments to the configuration of both your Falco Pro Series DVR, and that of your network. We will first need to obtain an IP address for the DVR from your router. Then, we will configure port forwarding in your router to create a network path that allows for remoteview from outside your network. The DVR needs to be connected directly to the main router. If you have multiple routers chained together, it needs to be connected to the first in line. This is not optional. You will also need to know the username and password for your router. If you do not have these, you may be need to contact your router manufacturer or ISP before starting this process.

If you see the following image upon startup please follow the instructions found on 4PRO Remoteview Setup



Technical Support

Tech Support is available to assist you during the process, however we ask that you get as far as you are able into the process before calling.

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