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The following is a series of instructions for setting up the basic functions for your Falco Pro Series DVR.


If you check the back of your camera you will find two separate leads. A power lead, and a video lead. These will need to be connected to the appropriate matching leads on the siamese cable. At the DVR end, the video lead will be connected to the appropriate video input on the DVR. The power lead will be connected to the camera power supply.

Hard Drive

If you purchased a hard drive from Luxor, it will come to you preinstalled. It should also be formatted for use already. However, if you are getting a scrolling HDD FAIL message you will need to complete the HDD format process. To do this, log in to the menu and scroll down to SETUP, and then HDD. From the HDD menu select MODE, and then MODE again from the HDD FORMAT menu. Confirm by pressing ENTER when prompted. Please note, this is not a necessary step unless you are getting the HDD FAIL message or if you are installing your own HDD.

If you are adding your own, you will need to remove the outer case and secure the hard drive to the mounting brackets. Connect both the red data cable and the multi color power cable to the applicable ports on the back of the hard drive. Replace the outer shell. Power the DVR on and complete the HDD Format procedure as outlined above.


The DVR records automatically, by default, in normal and motion record mode. If there is a formatted HDD installed and cameras connected, the DVR records. You can verify this by noting if the motion and normal record percentage indicators (bottom right of the screen) are blinking. You may wish to edit frame rate, resolution, record mode, and record quality. These can be changed from within the Pre Camera, Camera, and Scheduled Record sections of the menu. Please consult your user manual for more details.


In order to access the DVR system functions (playback, system configuration...) you must first log in to the system. This is accomplished from the main menu under the LOGIN option. The default administrator username and password are aa and 11.

Remote View

The Falco Pro Series DVR can be configured for remote view and administration. There is a very thorough walk through explaining this process at Remoteview Setup.

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