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Like most companies, pricing for Luxor Direct products is determined by market research, supply and demand, and, of course, cost. Though any of these determinants, as well as the company's pricing, are subject to change at any time, Luxor Direct is committed to providing its customers with guaranteed low pricing.

110% Low Price Guarantee

Luxor Direct guarantees the absolute lowest price on the items we sell. If a customer finds the exact same product then the company will meet the lower price and then beat it by 10% for that specific order. Customers who believe they have found the same item at a lower price are encouraged to contact Luxor Direct. The customer will likely be asked for an invoice or website link to verify proof of pricing.

Firm Pricing Policy

All Luxor Direct pricing is firm and cannot be adjusted as a favor, a closing tool, to reward customer loyalty, or for retention purposes. This is strict company policy and is not subject to exception of any kind or by any members of management. This same firm pricing policy also pertains to all shipping expenses due to be paid by the customer.

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