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Company policy requires that all goods and shipping fees be fully paid for by the customer prior to fulfilling and shipping the customer's order. The company is also committed to the security of customer records and efficient payment for products and services. The following subjects are conducive to both Luxor Direct and its customers and promote an honest, efficient business relationship.


Accepted Payment Methods

The following payment methods are accepted by Luxor Direct:

Credit Card

Luxor Direct encourages individual and business account customers to pay by major credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express). All phone orders are processed by direct credit card transaction. The company is capable of receiving credit card payments through the company's purchasing web site(s). Credit card is the preferred method of payment for the following reasons:

  • Transaction Speed - Credit card payments typically take only a couple minutes at most to complete. Timely payment helps to ensure timely processing of customer orders.
  • Security - Presently, there are typically several levels of financial protection offered by credit card companies and issuing banks. Customers purchasing from a one of the company's purchasing web sites are encouraged to evaluate Luxor Direct's multiple security registrations (GeoTrust | ScanAlert).
  • Flexibility, Ease of Use - Credit card payments offer a high degree of flexibility. As customer needs change, so too can their balance due. A credit card payment can provide the customer with the freedom to make last-minute order and shipping changes.
  • Paying with Credit Card over the Website: All credit card payments made through website purchases are processed instantly by PayPal Merchant Services.

Major Company Debit Card

In addition to credit cards, Luxor Direct will accept payment with a major company (Visa, MasterCard) debit card.


Luxor Direct is a verified premier member of PayPal with many hundreds of validated and secured transactions. Customers with a PayPal account can choose a variety of payment options and shipping addresses. PayPal is the preferred method of payment when purchasing from the CloseoutCCTV eBay store. Because PayPal can directly withdraw money from a business or personal bank account, and then send those funds to Luxor Direct, it is effectively the same as a wire transfer, but generally without the downtime of waiting for funds to clear.

Payment Methods Not Accepted

  • Checks
  • COD (Cash on Delivery)
  • PTP (Promise to Pay), I.O.U., or Promissory Note
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