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The CL-16 JPEG2000 DVR with remote and software screen shot
The CL-16 JPEG2000 DVR with remote and software screen shot

The JPEG2000 Professional Series DVR is a stand alone system that offers maximum quality recorded images. It is the clear unit of choice for users who demand the greatest degree of recognizability and clarity in their recordings. The JPEG2000 is as easy to use as a VCR and offers advanced features like Anti-pixelation technology, Central management software (CMS), password protection, a jog shuttle dial for easy rewind and fast forward, 2x digital zoom, JPEG2000 compression, and many more features.

The JPEG2000 DVR has undergone several revisions. The newest model, as of November 11, 2007, features SATA hard drives, even greater quality JPEG2000 compression, and mouse-based command input.

The unit is available in 4, 8, and 16 camera channels.


Core Features

Local Compression Remote Compression Hard drive Capacity Hard Drive Type Audio Inputs Simultaneous Remote Users Maximum FPS per Channel
JPEG2000 H.264 1.5 Terabytes x 2 SATA 2 4 1 30

Included Products

  • Built-in VGA card
  • Built-in DVD burner
  • Two-button optical mouse
  • Remote control for the DVR (batteries included)
  • DVR power supply
  • Full-version, multi-page user's guide
  • The remoteview software on CD-ROM, for remote camera viewing over the internet
  • Complete remoteview setup instructions authored by Luxor Direct's technical support staff

Additional Features

  • USB port for firmware upgrades and additional backup
  • Two internal hard drive slots
  • Anti-Pixelation Technology for high quality recorded images
  • CMS (Central Management Software)
  • Jog Shuttle for easy rewind and fast forward
  • Embedded, proprietary operating system
  • Live, real-time viewing for smooth video playback
  • Triplex capability for simultaneous recording, playback, and internet viewing
  • Motion activated, scheduled, or continuous recording settings
  • Freeze/ Zoom/ Picture in Picture/ Sequence/ Full display options
  • Full PTZ camera control and presets
  • Free DNS server for remote viewing on Dynamic IP addresses

Version History and Downloads

See Version History (JPEG DVR)

Warranty and Support

  • One year warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support
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