I Cannot Access My Falco Pro Series DVR Through Internet Explorer

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One of the key benefits of the Falco Pro Series DVR is the ability to view and remotely control the system through Internet Explorer. In order to do this you will need to make sure that the security settings for Internet Explorer are configured appropriately.

1. Complete all remote setup procedures [1]

2. Type in the IP Address of the DVR in the address bar of the web browser. EX: (If you are inside of the DVR network, you will enter the internal address. If you are outside, you will use the external/public IP address.)

3. You will be prompted to download and install several Active X applets the first time you do this, please do so. If you have error messages during installation, proceed to step #5.

4. The DVR viewer applet should load and all cameras should be visible.

5. If you encountered any error messages during Active X installation, the security settings for Internet Explorer will need to be adjusted.

(a). From Internet Explorer click on Tools>Internet Options and select the Security tab.

(b). Click on Trusted Sites.

(c). Click on Sites.

(d). Make sure that that Require server verification for all sites (https) in this zone is unchecked. Add the IP address of the DVR and click on ADD.

(e). Click on Custom Levels.

(f). Scroll down to the section "Active X Controls and Plugins". Every option in this section needs to be checked as enabled. Click OK and APPLY.

(g). Refresh and install the applets as discussed in step #3.

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