How do I set up the Sequence/SEQ option on my Falco Pro Series DVR?

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The Sequence, or SEQ option, allows you to set the DVR to automatically scan each video channel one at a time, at specified intervals. This will allow you to view all of your cameras in full screen resolution. In order to configure this for use you will need to:

1. Login to the DVR and go to Setup>SEQ Display.

2. Configure all SEQ settings including window size, total cameras, dwell time (how long each image will be on screen), page settings...

3. Hit ESC button and save.

4. From the main view screen *, select single camera view, and press the SEQ button. You should see the SEQ icon (a circle) at the bottom of the screen. You can press the SEQ button at any time to stop the sequence.

This is also covered on page(s) 41-42 of your Falco Pro Series DVR Manual manual.

  • NOTE: You must be logged in to the DVR to do this.
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