How do I configure my Falco Pro Series DVR to record in motion ONLY?

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I want to configure my Falco Pro Series DVR to record in motion only.


In order set this up you will need to make a few changes. WARNING: This procedure will require you to format the hard drive which will erase ALL recorded data.

1. Login to the MENU and go to SETUP, and then SCHEDULED RECORD. On the T1 page, change all heads under ALARM and NORMAL to NO. You will use the +/- button to do this. Leave the MOTION to V or A/V. Hit the MENU button and SAVE where prompted.

2. You will next need to reconfigure the hard drive partition to allow for the bulk of the hard drive to accept motion recording. From the SETUP menu go to HDD. From the HDD menu press the MODE button. Highlight the ALARM partition (the ALARM partition of the hard drive is where motion recording is stored)and press the ENTER button. The ALARM partition should read: 30. Change the 30 to 95. Hit the ENTER button. If done correctly, this should automatically change the NORMAL partition to 5. Verify that the partitions are now set to 5/95. Hit the MENU button to escape out of the HDD menu and save where prompted.

3. To complete the process we will now need to format the hard drive. Go back into the HDD menu and hit the MODE button. Hit it again. When prompted, hit the ENTER button to verify that you want to format the drive. You should see HDD FORMAT IN PROGRESS at the bottom of the FORMAT MENU. When that change to HDD FORMAT SUCCEEDED, you are all done.

Congratulations! Your Falco Pro Series DVR is now set to record in motion only. From the main screen, you will see that only the number on the left is blinking. You can now log in to the Camera Setup menu and make adjustments to motion recording parameters.

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