How do I backup files on my Falco Pro Series DVR?

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You need to make a backup of previously recorded files on your Falco Pro Series DVR.


There are several different ways to accomplish this. This can be done through direct CD/DVD backup, USB backup, or remote connection.

CD/DVD Backup

The 9 and 16 channel models support an internal CD/DVD burner. Insert an applicable blank disk into the drive tray. From the Main Menu goto Backup Device. Click on Int. DVD Connect. When device is listed as connected, escape out of the menu system. Click Search, and then Search by Time. Click the preferred time and press the Copy button. From the Copy menu, choose the device, number of cameras, and the end time and click the Copy button to burn.

For an external DVD drive you will follow the same procedure and instead select USB DVD at the Backup Device prompt.

USB Drive

Firstly, you will need to make sure that the flash drive is formatted to the Fat32 standard. You can do this by connecting the drive to your computer. There are multiple resources online that can advise you of the procedure for this link. From the Backup Device screen, choose USB Drive. The rest of the process follows the same procedure as before.

Remote Backup

In order to do this, you will have to have completed the Remoteview Setup - Falco Pro Series DVR procedure. If you have not set up remote view, please do that first. From the remote view main screen (Internet Explorer or stand alone software), press the Backup button (the icon looks like a cassette tape). From the drop down menu on top, choose the DVR you are working on and click Enable. Choose the cameras you wish to record, the directory on your local disk for file storage, the start and end time, and click Apply.


In order to play back the files you have just downloaded on a computer, you will need to install the HEM player program that came on the CD packaged with the system. Also, there is an AVI Converter program on the CD that will convert from the proprietary .h264 file format to a standard .avi format which should play in most computers.

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