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In addition to Luxor Direct's already low sale prices, the company offers extended discounts for bulk orders to resellers and dealers in the security, surveillance, and installation business.

Applying for a Dealer Account

The application process begins when a dealer fills out Luxor Direct's web-based form. The dealer will then automatically receive a response from the Luxor Direct mailing system, with instructions on how to download, fill out, and fax in the dealer application. It is imperative that the form be filled out completely, with all necessary contact and professional reference information, and that all requested state-issued tax and business documents also be included with the application.

Alternatively, security and surveillance professionals can download the following documents and fax them, along with state-issued tax information, to (850) 575 - 0674:

Luxor Direct evaluates all applications on a first come, first served basis. Finally, the customer is notified upon approval of the application.

Dealer Pricing

Without exception, pricing discounts for dealers are disclosed upon application approval only. This is to reduce competitor price shopping and helps enable Luxor Direct to continue to provide the latest technology at the lowest prices.

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