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Luxor Direct uses its own UPS shipping account to ship all orders. The customer can use their shipping account when shipping a product back to Luxor Direct; however, charges incurred on the customer's shipping account will not be reimbursed by Luxor Direct.


Orders Shipped the Following Business Day

Typically, all orders are assembled and shipped on the following business day, with a maximum lead time of 48 hours (excluding weekends and/or holidays which may require additional time for assembly and shipment).

Orders Shipped the Same Business Day

Due to the large quantity of orders that Luxor Direct receives on a daily basis, as well as overnight on company websites, Luxor Direct requires a maximum of 48 hours to process and ship orders (excluding weekends and/or holidays which may require additional time for assembly and shipment). All orders are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders can be assembled and shipped the same day on a case by case basis and under the following conditions only:

  1. The order is completely placed prior to 12:00 PM EST.
  2. The customer expresses urgency for the order and agrees to pay for expedited shipping (documented by a phone call/email to a Luxor Representative).

These conditions are subject to the current shipping workload when the order is placed.

Shipping Fees

The price for shipping is dictated by UPS. Packaging quantity, dimensions, and weight all contribute to the price of shipping. Shipping fees are typically paid for in the same transaction that the products are paid for - as one total price. The exception to this when an order is very large and requires multiple boxes. In such cases, the company will charge the customer two separate amounts: one for the total cost of the order, and another for the entire shipping costs for the order.

International Shipping

The shipping conditions listed are restricted to the continental U.S. Typically, Luxor Direct does not ship outside of the continental US; international orders/shipping require review/approval by a Luxor Direct Supervisor.

Tracking Numbers

All outgoing packages are assigned a tracking number upon completion of packaging. This tracking number is automatically sent to the e-mail address on file for the customer. Customers should refer to this e-mail and tracking information for delivery information. It is important for customers to check their Junk and Spam folders for these e-mails.

Handling Fees

Minimal handling fees are assessed and added at the discretion of the company and cannot be waived. Warehouse shipping labor necessitates this, and helps ensure that the customer's order is packaged and shipped in a professional and transport-worthy manner.

Shipping Fees on Returned Orders

It is the policy of Luxor Direct that the customer assume all shipping costs, whether it be for new orders, RMAs, warranty replacements, exchanges, or returns.


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