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The CL-80S is a 420 line, infrared, day and night, weatherproof camera with a Sony CCD and 16mm lens. It allows you to see in complete darkness with its 36 infrared LED's. During low light conditions, the photocell automatically switches to infrared mode and the IR LEDs turn on automatically. This camera is especially useful in areas like parking lots, airports, large store rooms, or residential areas where 24 x 7 surveillance is required.


Core Features

Lens Field of View Range of Clarity Resolution Light Sensitivity Operational Temperature
16mm 20 degrees 50 - 80 feet 480 TVL 1.0 Lux / 0.0 Lux with IR -20°C to 50°C

Additional Features

  • Sony CCD image sensor
  • Durable anodized aluminum weatherproof housing with sun shield
  • 36 large IR LED's for enhanced low light visibility
  • Anti-burst color day and night camera
  • Included bracket for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processor(DSP) for image control
  • Built-in Image Enhancer for ultra clear picture
  • Rain and fog resistant glass coating protects against extreme weather
  • Sharp clear image with true clear night vision
  • Attached power/video cable
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Technology
  • Auto Gain Control

Technical Specifications

  • Supports PAL and NTSC TV Systems
  • 1/3 inch CCD image sensor
  • 135mm x 88mm dimensions
  • DC 12V, 300mA power rating
  • Load Impedance - 75 Ohms
  • BNC video connection

Spec Sheet Included With Camera

NOTE: Some spec sheets indicate features and capabilities which the camera does not actually have. These features are not indicated on Luxor Direct's websites or in this Wiki. Some mistranslations may also exist.

Lens Notes

The CL-80S's 16mm lens provides roughly a 17 degree field of view with a point of clarity extending out to 50 - 60 feet. This is an excellent camera choice for targeted observation of key interest points in dark, outdoor locations.

Installation and Mounting Notes

The CL-80S has two mounting points; one on the bottom for wall mounting, and one on the top near the sun shield for ceiling mounting.

The mount for this camera is packaged separately.

Warranty and Support

  • One year warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support

Where to Purchase

Purchase CL-80S on CloseoutCCTV.com

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