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The CL-19S is a box camera which requires a separate mount and, often times, a lens specifically tailored to the camera's application. Being a box camera, the CL-19SH can be equipped with a variety of CS mount lenses. When protected by an outdoor housing, this camera creates an ominous deterrent to passersby. High resolution increases recorded image quality.


Core Features

Lens Field of View Range of Clarity Resolution Light Sensitivity Operational Temperature
4mm CS mount lens 67 degrees 16 - 22 feet 540 TVL, high resolution 0.01 Lux -10°C to 50°C

Additional Features

  • Sony CCD image sensor
  • Anti-burst color camera
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processor(DSP) for image control
  • Built-in Image Enhancer for ultra clear picture
  • Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Technology
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Switchable Electronic iris shutter
  • Switchable Back light compensation

Technical Specifications

  • Supports PAL and NTSC TV Systems
  • 1/3 inch CCD image sensor
  • Dimensions 97(L) x 70(W) x 60mm(H)
  • Weight 180g
  • Signal to noise ratio of 48Db
  • DC 12V
  • Load Impedance - 75 Ohms
  • BNC video connection

Spec Sheet Included With Camera

NOTE: Some spec sheets indicate features and capabilities which the camera does not actually have. These features are not indicated on Luxor Direct's websites or in this Wiki. Some mistranslations may also exist.

Lens Notes

Customers purchasing this camera will receive a 4mm lens packaged separately. See Category:Lenses for information on Luxor Direct's inventory of interchangeable CS mount leses.

Installation and Mounting Notes

The CL-19SH requires either a indoor mount or outdoor weatherproof lock housing to be mounted on. Outdoor weatherproof lock housings are also available with heater and blower mechanisms.

This camera requires that bare wires be connected to the back of the camera for power. It is not compatible with the 2.1mm power connectors on Luxor Direct's prefabricated cables.

Warranty and Support

  • One year warranty
  • Free lifetime technical support

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Where to Purchase

The CL-19SH is discontinued please visit Closeoutcctv.com for other security camera options.

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